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Buy Immune Booster King Agaricus 100, encapsulating all benefits of the mighty Best Agaricus Blazei!

Toei Shinyaku Co., Ltd., offers original quality Best Agaricus Blazei that is known worldwide for its excellent nutritional profile and umpteen health benefits. These special mushrooms have a great consumer base in Japan, where this specific variety is widely coveted for its multiple health benefits, including boosting the immune system performance in the body. Being a well-recognized Research & Marketing company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, we specialize in this medicinal mushroom, King Agaricus, and manufacture our line of Immune Booster King Agaricus 100 using the best varieties of these giant mushrooms for its formulation.

Own Ingredients 

Outdoor cultivated King Agaricus contains rich nutrition and strong anti-oxidative activity

Made in Japan 

Manufactured at pharmaceutical plant in Japan without any additives. 

Strong Evidence 

We have published 31 academic papers as No. 1 Agaricus blazei research company in Japan. 
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The Best Agaricus blazei Research & Marketing company from Japan to the World

Our King Agaricus

King Agaricus, KA21 strain, is grown and cultivated in the wild nature, under sunshine in Brazil. It contains high beta-glucan than the regular agaricus in the world. It also carries high Calcium, Vitamin D and Copper, around 10-30 times greater than the typical ones. Such big difference in nutrients of it is result of the cultivation technique used. Our company has conducted research on King Agarcius, KA21 strain, for over 25 years and reached to the conclusion that it has many benefits, such as: 
  • Anti-tumor, Reduce side effect of chemotherapy
  • Protect heart & liver
  • Improve diabetes, Liver fat and Metabolic syndrome
  • Improve immunity and hair growth
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Repair skin damage
  • Anti-stress

Key Facts of

Toei Shinyaku Co., Ltd.
  • 1973

    Year of Establishment

  • 31

    No. of Thesis

  • 25

    Year of Research

  • 14

    No. of Export Countries

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our line of Immune Booster King Agaricus 100 using the best varieties of these giant mushrooms for its formulation.
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